The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, 46 days before Easter. The word “Lent” in English comes from an old word for “springtime.” In Southern European languages “Lent” means “40.” In Northern European languages, “Lent” means “fast” or “great fast.” If you combine these three concepts, you have 40 days to re-orient your schedule, inviting God to renew your inner life. How can you give God new space in your life from now till Easter?

James encourages us, "Come near to God and he will come near to you" (4:8). One common way of coming near to God is to fast during Lent. To fast is to remove something from your life. Yet James does not tell us to abstain from something. The list below offers 40 ways that you can come near to God, make space for him in your day, in your schedule. 

An essential way we connect with people is talking with them. That is equally true of our relationship with Jesus. What do we call talking with Jesus? Prayer. Each Wednesday evening we are exploring an important way of praying. Join us in the sanctuary or online. 

40 Lenten Resolutions 

Bulletin for Wednesday, March 24

Prayers of Consecration for "Talking with Jesus about Who Is in Charge," Psalm 51, March 3

Prayers of Thanksgiving for "Talking with Jesus about Your Day," Psalm 107, March 10

Prayers of Adoration and Praise for "Talking with Jesus about His Day," Psalm 36:5-9, March 17

Prayers of Petition for "Talking with Jesus about Your Calling," Psalm 67, March 24