What Makes Us Tick?

We think that the church comes into the building to worship and to be challenged or encouraged and then goes out to be the “church” at home, at work and in school. 


Why is our church called Lutheran? Five hundred years ago, a monk called Martin Luther said, “Make no reference to my name; let them call themselves Christians, not Lutherans.” While we failed in this request, we practice what he emphasized:

  • Trust in Jesus.

  • Stick with God’s Word.

  • Welcome New People into Faith.

Trust in Jesus

We come to Jesus because he invites us and draws us. He says that without him, we are spiritually lost, starving, dead.

Stick with God’s Word

We are real clear where the Bible is clear. We allow for fuzziness where the Bible is fuzzy. (Lutherans even have a word for fuzzy things—adiaphora—things that don’t matter quite so much.) When we get together for worship gatherings or other community activities we practice those things that are clearly taught or modeled in the Bible. And we avoid stuff that causes confusion or needless controversy.

At Resurrection, we get real fired up about the core of timeless Christian beliefs—the things mentioned in the ancient creeds of the Church. And of course we are deeply committed to the Bible as God’s revealed message to human beings. 

Welcome New People into Faith

In Luther’s words, we plan worship services “not for those who already are Christians…but for those who are still becoming Christians or need to be strengthened.” And “it is best to plan the services in the interest of the young. To train the young and to call and attract others to faith.”


We try to form our Sunday gatherings to connect to our whole family of faith: those new in Christ and those who have been believers for years, the young and the old, the practical and the academic. And we hope that things are put in such a way that those who are still wondering about a relationship with God will understand. On Sunday mornings, you can expect to find teachings that are a blend of elementary and profound, relevant for everyday life and deeply biblical.


We figure that if you are clueless as to what a believer really is, you will figure it out pretty soon by hanging out with us and become the genuine article. We aren’t looking for pretty or perfect people. We don’t mind helping you get your life untangled.


We are evangelistic, but we think it is the primary task of those in the church to lead others to Jesus and not to rely on bringing them to a meeting where the job gets done for them. We think a workbench in your garage or your kitchen table is a kind of altar, and we ask all our people to be proactive in sharing their faith.

If You Prefer Sound Bites

  • The Gospel is good news to be believed, not good advice to be applied.

  • The Bible is the Word of God; it does not merely contain the Word of God.

  • Prayer begins by God knocking on my heart with his Word.

  • My unique individual story is transformed and fulfilled in God’s grand story.

We have tried to summarize all these priorities and practices into our Mission StatementWe are Christ-centered and cross-focused with a passion to follow Christ and reach out to others in Christ’s name.

You can unpack how we live out this Mission Statement under these pages: