Reaching Our World

Resurrection's mission is to passionately reach out to others in Christ's name. We partner with national and international organizations to bless our world.

"At its deepest and best," WMPL says, "our community is simply a fellowship at prayer, gathered in service to the mission of God in the world. May God be glorified and may all people participate in his Kingdom. This is our aim." The World Mission Prayer League exists to see that populations with limited or no access to the Gospel experience the love of Christ and that believers and communities of believers in the Americas and elsewhere engage in active and collaborative participation in living out their roles in the great commission.

Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ

Resurrection is a member of LCMC, 750+ congregations across the U.S. and many more around the world. "We’re Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, and our name pretty much says it all," LCMC says. "We’re not a denomination, we’re a movement.  We view the local church as the place where people in the community come to get connected with God and one another.  We celebrate the fact that everyone is wired a little differently; it allows each and every one of us to serve according to our own unique strengths, skills and talents."

"We strive to be a light to the world, not a reflection of it. We view God’s Word as the #1 authority when it comes to our faith and how we practice it. While we understand that science, personal experience, tradition and other factors contribute to the conversations that we have, we do not believe that they have equal influence to what’s written in the Scriptures. We believe the Lutheran Confessions to be a faithful witness to the truth of Scripture and that they give us reliable principles by which to guide the continued development of this association."

Augustana District

Within LCMC, Resurrection partners with congregations of the Augustana District for mutual support and global ministry.

Institute of Lutheran Theology

The Institute of Lutheran Theology is an accredited Lutheran seminary providing graduate, certificate, and lay level theological education through a fully integrated online campus. Faithful, fully-credentialed teachers lead students deeply into the Scriptures and the Christian tradition through a continual dialogue via live online video conferencing that replicates a traditional classroom. This grants students the opportunity to study at ILT without the inconvenience of relocating. Students immediately apply what they learn to their lives, communities, families, and congregations.

St. Paul Lutheran Seminary

At SPLS students are trained for service in the church and the world, by leaders with contextual experience, leaders who know the value of real-life applications in the learning process.  This “Paul-Timothy” model is a classic approach to preparing  servant leaders for the church, recognizing the expertise and experience of those already serving in such capacities as vital to the education of the next generation of pastors, missionaries and church leaders.  The goal of SPLS is to provide the church and the student with generational experience, with “field” experience and with a passion for excellence in carrying out the mission of the Gospel.